More Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to get your spirulina every day!

My favorite way to get spirulina into my diet is to blend it into a green smoothie. 
If you haven't discovered smoothies yet, they're easily the best way to get more antioxidants and all their benefits into your diet.
My basic smoothie recipe uses coconut flour, a banana, two raw organic eggs or chia seeds, fruit juice and a spoonful of spirulina and chlorella combined in a blender. Bananas blend well with spirulina, and mask the bitterness very well — just make sure you use very ripe ones.

Spirulina and other superfoods can turn your ordinary smoothie into a nutrient-dense meal with the antioxidant benefits of 6 or more servings of fruits and vegetables — your entire minimum daily requirement! 

Spirulina Cleanse and Detox

 If there is a time of day when your energy runs low, take some Spirulina with water and see how your body feels one - two hours later. You will be amazed! We recommend to consistent users of spirulina, try once every 2 weeks, the spirulina cleanse. This involves taking one day to cleanse and detoxify the body by consuming only spirulina and water, taking 10 grams every 2 hours during your day. Keep in mind this day must be a 'quiet day' where you do not over exert yourself. This will be hugely beneficial to your body and you will feel amazing for the rest of your week. Try it and start feeling better soon!